April 12, 2010 update.

The question was on the ballot today and lost  by a vote of 230 to 217.

If all of the 230 people who voted No attend town meeting, the quorum should not be a problem.

Jan 2010

Should the number of people at Town Meeting be lowered to 100 or should it remain at 175.  You will have a chance to vote on this at the next election. Please post your thoughts.

4 Responses to “Quorum”

  1. Sheila Craffey Says:

    Since the quorum failed again perhaps the solution is to change the day and time of the town meetings to something that is more agreeable to the families with children and the elderly. Monday nights at 7:30 are very difficult, especially the day after school vacation. Love to see it earlier say 5 o’clock or on a Saturday morning. I do think we need a new strategy.

  2. Mark Mathers Says:

    This is unrelated but would you think about attaching to a web site souch as citysourced where we can email pictures of potholes, graffitti and other issues to the town/DPW
    I see one call City Sourced but it seems to be an iphone app only a

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