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Election Results

April 26, 2010

Attached are the April Town Election results with some brief statistics.  The quorum question passed in three of the four precincts.  In precinct 2, it received only 31% of the vote.  Blanks were much higher for all incumbents in precinct 2 than the others.

2010 April Town Election Results

Would be interested in why people think this happened in this one precinct.

School Budget Summary

April 25, 2010

There is an excellent summary of the school budget on the town website at:

We consistently rank well below the state average in per pupil expenditure. As an example in 2009 we ranked 284 out of 351 communities, yet we rank in the top 55 on MCAS rankings.

Market Street

April 25, 2010

Construction is now starting at the upgrades to exit 42 and 43.   Be aware fines are doubled in a construction zone.

Town Meeting Monday April 26th

April 25, 2010

The annual town meeting is this Monday, April 26th at 7:30 at the Lynnfield Middle School.

If you want to read the warrant for both the annual and special you can find them on the town’s website at:

The documents are available in the lower right hand corner.

If all that voted on the quorum question in the town election show up, we should have a quorum.


April 16, 2010

Mark Mathers asked if there was an application that could be added that would enable a user to send a photo and location of potholes in town.  We are looking into how that can be handled.

Lynnfield Schools

April 14, 2010

Key facts about the schools in Lynnfield :

  1. Per pupil expenditure 265/328  (Lynnfield – $10,276: State – $12,454)
  2. LHS ranked in top 1000 public high schools nationally in Newsweek ranking 2008
  3. Standard and Poor’s listed Lynnfield as an overachieving district (2008)
  4. US News and Workd Report listed LHS as “Silver Medal School” in 2009
  5. LHS – 2006 Federal Blue Ribbon School.  Only hs in New England to be named.
  6. 2005 – LHS Commonwealth Compass School
  7. SAT scores consistently above state and national average
  8. 2009 MCAS – 10th grade ELA 46/287, Math 54/286, Science 34/282
  9. 2009 4th grade – ELA 6/301, Math 2/301