Selectmen’s Meeting 5-21-12 summary

Thank you to all who were able to attend tonight’s selectmen’s meeting. We went there to hear answers to the following questions.

1. What are the plans to rectify the loss of the trees?

The Town Administrator, Bill Gustus, sent the town engineer down to the site and it is discovered that some of the trees that were removed were on state land. Mr. Gustus is meeting with Ted Tye on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

There were discussions of moving up building of the berm before winter (Dec 20, 2012), but nothing is agreed to.

2. Who is the point person for the town for future issues and what should the expected response time be

The point person is going to be Chairman MacKendrick. He is also the point person for the traffic lights at exit 49.

3. How did this happen?

Somewhere between the selling process and the final drawings someone failed the citizens of Lynnfield.

Other items

4. Is there a full time inspector on site?

No and there won’t be for three to four months. The town administrator stated that if any department needs resources all they have to do is ask. This also includes the Planning Board.

5. Of the million dollars received from National Development is there still enough money left for inspections for this project.

The Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen assured us there is and that the million dollars was part of the General Fund, not allocated for any specific purpose.

Now we wait to see if anything is going to happen after Wednesday. Chairman MacKendrick said he would send me an update on this and other matters and I will post to the site.

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