Joe DeMaina’s letter to Chairman MacKendrick

Good Morning Bob–

I agree there was some progress last night.

As you are now the board’s liaison person with ND I thought I should send these issues to you.

I was reviewing the landscape plans which seem to indicate that the replacement trees across from Country Club will be in the 6-8 ft range. There is a 10 ft willow and I don’t know how tall the ones marked “oak 3″ caliper” would be. As the trees that were removed were 25-30 ft high that seems a little short. I know that some will be on a 4′ berm yet that’s still short. The existing trees were at least twice that height. Could you see if ND can insure that these trees are a good bit taller and that a good number are evergreen (as were most that were removed) to provide shielding during the cold 6 months when deciduous trees lose their foliage.? The residents of Country Club should not have to wait 4-6 years for new trees to grow in and should have evergreen shielding when it’s cold..Also there is a substantial gap with no trees from Country Club inbound to the arbor vitae. This is not what existed before. This gap should be closed with a good number of shielding trees. The entire length of Walnut had trees as the pictures document and that should be returned to that state.

Also we were discussing the ground level height of the project relative to Walnut St.The project is listed at 100′ and Walnut is 87′ and the top of the berm is 111′. That would be a rise of 24′ above Walnut St. I guess that’s good I have no context to judge. I wonder why they choose to have the project at 100 when they could choose any height. Maybe you can ask Ted when you talk to him.

Thanks, Joe DeMaina

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