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Treegate Day 99 – Progress

September 28, 2012

Senator McGee spent time last week at Market Street with MA Dept of Transportation officials about the trees. His office sent us a copy of the plans which we have posted on the website

We do not have the signed final agreement, but since it is now completed we will an appeal of our appeal and request the signed agreement which should have a timetable when the plantings will be completed.

If you review the pdf (it is hard to read) and have any questions please let us know.

Market Street Lynnfield plans

Treegate Day 92

September 21, 2012

92 days and no resolution by MA Highway, National Development and WS Development’s egregious removal of trees from state land.

Treegate Day 86

September 15, 2012

No report from MA HIGHWAY.

Treegate Day 83

September 12, 2012

At this rate the mall will be open before the trees are replaced.

Treegate Day 78

September 7, 2012

Two week window has passed since Ted said he would have a plan to MA DOT. Sent a note to Senator Clark’s office to ask them to see if has been sent.

Treegate day 77

September 6, 2012

Primary Day.  Voting till 8:00 PM at the high school. There contested races.

Trees at Market Street 9-3-12

September 3, 2012

Lights aren’t working yet at exit 42. Wonder why.

Trees at Market Street – day 74

September 3, 2012

Interesting article on retailing. WS and National Development are mentioned.

Treegate Day 73

September 2, 2012