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Hurricane / Tropical Storm Sandy

October 27, 2012

The following link provides the estimated  chance of tropical-storm-force winds in the zip code you select.

Treegate Day 127

October 26, 2012

National Development said they took down “2-3″ tree illegally. Here is a Google map view with the state owned land in yellow. Along the street it is approximately 320 feet. If you go to Google Street view and walk down the street there are over 25 large trees that were illegally removed. Amazing how the press continues to report what the developer tells them.

Treegate Day 124

October 23, 2012

Photo of the view from the end of Country Club. People in Lynnfield were promised you would not see the buildings or the lights.

Board of Selectmen don’t believe they have any leverage

View from end of Country Club

October 23, 2012

This is not what was promised by National Development.

MA DOT and Selectmen have done nothing to fix the removal of the trees.

Treegate continue

October 22, 2012

Contrary to the statement on the Market Street site that

"During the initial site clearing, the contractor mistakenly removed 2-3 trees that were located at the entrance along Walnut Street. "

if you go to Google street view and move along the street and overheard, there are in excess 25 trees that were removed.

Treegate – more analysis on the documents to follow.

October 21, 2012

Treegate Day 122 additional

October 21, 2012

Page 2 to the right shows what was there and what the neighbors thought would remain to help protect against the lights.

The 10 foot trees that are replacing the 30-40 foot trees are not going to be fir trees that means for 6+ months a year there will be no leaves.


Treegate Day 122 – Information from Freedom of Information Request

October 21, 2012

We have received some of the information from MA DOT and we will now have to file another appeal to confirm some unanswered questions.

Page 1 to the right contains the response from MA DOT and National Development’s plans.

Summary is

1. After 122 days of “negotiating” MA Highway is going to let National Development do what they want.

2. None original 30-40 foot trees along Walnut Street will be replaced.

3. The Selectmen did nothing to help resolve the issue and must be satisfied with the result.


Treegate Day 116

October 15, 2012

MA DOT said they put documents in the mail today

Town Meeting

October 15, 2012

No Pledge of Allegiance to start Town Meeting