Summary of the Planning Board meeting on Nov 28th, 2012

Summary from the Planning Board on Nov 28th

Walter Adams the Planning Board consultant for the MarketStreet project was present to update the Board and Ted Tye was present with a minor change request.

Mr Adams said he has reviewed and certified all 12 stores and the forms are on file at the Planning Board office. There is a certification form that was developed by the Planning Board, Town officials and National Development at the start of the project.

He then explained that during when the exteriors of the stores are to be completed the process for the tenants will be:

1. First they work with WS Development on their plans for the exterior

2. Then National Development reviews for compliance with the Market Street Building Standards

3. Then Walter Adams then Planning Board consultant reviews to ensure compliance with the Building Standards

4. Then the town Building Inspector, Mr. Roberto, also reviews for compliance with the Building Standards and state building code.

The Planning Board is authorized under the zoning by-law to make minor waivers in the plan and to date has approved two of them.

As an example, in Feb of 2011, they approved the change in the width of the main street from approximately 40 ft to slightly over 100 ft and approved the change in parking on the street.

Ted Tye then presented the board with two minor request, one was moving a building a few feet and the second was changing the planned grate over the trees to a small 4 inch granite brick around the trees.

Ted then asked for a waiver for a six or seven foot TV message board at the Town Center Kiosk. The screen was approved with the restriction of no sound is to be emitted.

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