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All MarketStreet / Aborpoint Students to attend Summer Street School

May 25, 2013

At last weeks School Committee meeting it was announced that students who will be living at the MarketStreet Arborpoint Apartments will be attending the Summer Street School. Summer Street has the capacity for the students and it will be more efficient to transport all of them from the complex, rather than having multiple buses.

Apartments at Exit 42 in Wakefield

May 13, 2013

186 apts being planned at exit 42 in Wakefield.

Last Nights Selectmen’s Meeting

May 7, 2013

Regarding last nights Selectman’s Meeting.;

It is very unfortunate that the three Selectmen could not find consensus on the proposed Codes of Ethics and Conduct. Rather than taking the time to iron out any disagreements in the language of the documents two Selectman (Crawford and Nelson) chose to impose admittedly flawed documents on all three selectmen.Their rationale is that "it’s a living document that can be changed as need be". But it’s not. It’s a code and by codifying these flawed words and behaviors they insure disputes. Changes will take place after disputes and disagreements that a code is meant to prevent by delineating a clear manner for Selectman to act in conducting the town’s business. It would have been prudent to take the time to find the words that all three, given it’s code for all three, could agree upon.

We can only hope that this is not the way that this board will consistently do business.We can only hope that taking the time to find the consensus of all three becomes the norm and not the exception.

Board of Selectman’s meeting May 6th

May 5, 2013

This is the agenda for Monday’s Board of Selectman’s meeting. Interesting that there is a request for an executive session.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Regular Meeting – 7:00 p.m. Selectmen’s Hearing Room,
Town Hall

As a result of changes in the Open Meeting Law, the chair must announce at the outset of every meeting that the meeting is being recorded and transmitted via cable television.

7:00 p.m. Historical Commission on proposed gazebo for common

Bicentennial/Tricentennial Celebration

Policy on posting of minutes

Policy on Code of Ethics

Policy on Code of Conduct

Fire Chief correspondence

Payroll designation for Fire Department

Request for executive session under M.G.L. Chapter 39, §23B (3)

Use of Town facilities: South Fire Station lot, May 19, Lynnfield High School softball program car wash, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

One-day liquor license: None

Minutes: April 22, 2013; April 29, 2013

Proclamations: None

Administrative matters: Signing of warrants


Construction Photos from Market Street

May 4, 2013

From the Market Street web site

Showcase Cinema

May 1, 2013

For those that haven’t used twitter it is an interesting tool. You can search tweets and it will return all the tweets that contain that word or phrase. As an example, today I typed "lynnfield" and I received the attached tweets which I have put together as images.

The second tweet on the first image is the most interesting.

"Prellwitz Cillinski are the architects for this development in Lynnfield. Will include a Whole Foods and a Showcase Cinema."

If this tweet is to believed, this is what National Development will be selling at Town Meeting in October.

You have to wonder why they aren’t telling the town first..

There was a tour today sponsored by the MA chapter of NAOIP, a trade group for commercial real estate operators. See the link: