Last Nights Selectmen’s Meeting

Regarding last nights Selectman’s Meeting.;

It is very unfortunate that the three Selectmen could not find consensus on the proposed Codes of Ethics and Conduct. Rather than taking the time to iron out any disagreements in the language of the documents two Selectman (Crawford and Nelson) chose to impose admittedly flawed documents on all three selectmen.Their rationale is that "it’s a living document that can be changed as need be". But it’s not. It’s a code and by codifying these flawed words and behaviors they insure disputes. Changes will take place after disputes and disagreements that a code is meant to prevent by delineating a clear manner for Selectman to act in conducting the town’s business. It would have been prudent to take the time to find the words that all three, given it’s code for all three, could agree upon.

We can only hope that this is not the way that this board will consistently do business.We can only hope that taking the time to find the consensus of all three becomes the norm and not the exception.

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