The Committee to Preserve Lynnfield is formed

Due to the continued attempts by National Development to push through a cinema proposal at Market Street in violation of the zoning by-laws endorsed by the Town and ratified by over 81% of the voters of Lynnfield at Town Meeting, the Committee to Preserve Lynnfield has been formed to ensure that the agreement continues to be honored by National Development.

After being rebuffed three times by multiple town boards and the voting population of Lynnfield, National Development plans to make a fourth attempt to expand the size of the project and to undermine the agreement by once again advocating a cinema at Market Street.

Frank Sawin, Chairman of the Committee, stated “The agreements that were reached in 2007 with the developer and the Town were signed and agreed to by multiple Town Boards and had the backing of more than two-thirds of the voters.”

Winning support for the project was based on two critical stipulations:

  1. No cinema
  2. A reduction in the size of the retail space to 395,000 square feet

The Committee recognizes that National Development has unlimited resources to sway voters and public opinion with its marketing efforts (and without having to report how much they spend on their marketing).  The Committee encourages residents not to be bulldozed by National Development’s aggressive marketing tactics and neighborhood coffees. The Committee will be conforming to all state and local reporting requirements for complete transparency.

Over the coming months, Committee members will be contacting residents throughout the Town to educate voters about the agreement, the history and the impact an expansion of the mall would have on the entire Town of Lynnfield.

The Committee needs your financial and voting support.  Financial contributions can be made by check to:  The Committee to Preserve Lynnfield, P.O. Box 796, Lynnfield, MA 01940.

For more information, please visit and to join the mailing list, please send a request to

A copy of the release can be read by clicking on the following link

One Response to “The Committee to Preserve Lynnfield is formed”

  1. Debbie LaConte Says:

    I would like to become a member of this new group.
    Debbie Laconte
    Thank you!

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