Selectmen meeting Summary

Interesting Selectmen’s meeting this evening. Key items:

1. In discussing lnoise and traffic at Market Street one neighbor poiinted out”It isn’t just the neighbors, it is about the town”.

2. The chief of police said that at times traffic may be “onerous and overwhleming”, but the town will take steps to mitigate it. This will may happen even with only Phase 1 opening. Phase 1 is only 56% of the square footage being developed.

3. In discussing noise, the town administrator, Bill Gustus, pointed out that the development agreement states that “3.10 Noise. Noise from loudspeakers or amplified sound from special events within the Traditional Neighborhood Village Sub-District shall not exceed 9dB as measured at the Project’s property line without the approval of the Board of Selectmen. ” 9 decibels is silence, so at walnut street property line there should be silence.


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