Planning Board Meeting Summary

#1 and 3 the most interesting

#mapoli #lynnfield At times tonight it felt like the movie “The Star Chamber”. Tonight’s planning board meeting met on the following three items dealing with Market Street

1. Application for Minor Modification Phase II The chairman, John W. Faria, asked if the members if the application met the five criteria and then asked for a vote to approve. When people asked what they were voting on we were told it was on file in the Planning Board office and we could review it there and that the procedure is that they only can discuss if it meets the five conditions. They did not have to discuss the content of what they were voting on. There was discussion about National filing the document on July 31 but people only receiving notice of the meeting on Monday Aug 26th. In the end the Planning Board voted 5-0 to approve the minor change without giving a hint on what they approved. The chairman did agree that he will think about how to inform citizens about when documents come in. In my 35 plus years of attending government hearings I have never seen anything like this. Someone will go down and look at the documents and let us know what was approved.

2. The Application for Approval Not Required (ANR) was approved with little discussion, because the Planning Board said it was a formality

3. The third and final segment dealt with Signage and shimmering wall. The revolved around the design standards and the King’s Bowling sign in particular. The Planning Board consultant explained that under the design standards, there are currently two Buildings, Whole Foods and King’s Bowling where the town has little control over the signage. The shimmering wall that appears to be part of the sign is actually part of the wall and not subject to signage control.

More when we find out what was voted on.


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