Addtional observations on traffic

Several other people sent comments about the traffic and they included:

  1. My biggest concern is that left hand turn out of market st onto walnut is treacherous. A left signal should be installed immediately. I make that turn frequently and have yet to see people approaching from the off ramp yield turning traffic. They often fly through with their green unaware of traffic trying to turn. Amazing there has not been an issue yet to mg knowledge.
  2. As the cars take a right out of Market Street, there is not a large amount of room for the cars (turning radius), especially larger vehicles and trucks, which results in cars entering into the opposite lane of the cars taking a left hand turn into Market Street. Vehicles often cross the line here. Seems very narrow and unsafe. Not sure how this can be addressed.
  3. I also have witnessed on several occasions, cars on Walnut Street (those coming down Walnut from Salem Street or off the northbound ramp at Ex. 43), drive in the far right lane and at the light, take a left into Market Street from that far right lane.
  4. I too have witnessed, even earlier in the afternoon, cars on Walnut backing up to Hidden Valley and how the HHS school bus (not sure which one) that has to go down Walnut Street and back around 3:00 often hits a lot of traffic and the bus is delayed). I believe the school dept has a way to track the buses and the time they take to do the route, so it may be worth investigating this further to get some additional information.

Thank you,


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