Feedback on traffic at Market Street


Selectman Terranova asked Joe and me feedback on traffic at Market Street so far. I sent the following reply


Thanks for the request for feedback.

First the main point to remember is that MarketStreet is only 54% built. All of the traffic studies were based on a full build out, so any conclusions that people may make now may not be valid when it is fully built. It remains to be seen if the queuing models for the traffic will hold up when the build out is complete. People’s current favorite reference point is Chief Breen’s statement that at times the traffic will be “onerous and overwhelming”.

I have attached two images and have added letters as a frame of reference. On the first image MarketStreet I have the following comments that tie to the the letters.

A- location of Market Street

B- every 2-3 weeks around 7:00 AM traffic is backed up almost to Alexandra. Don’t know why

C- Taking a left from the lights onto Salem heading towards the 99 can be challenging if the three lanes heading from the 99 are filled and if it has snowed. That one lane

should be kept as clear as possible. I watched someone struggle to get into the lane while taking a left.

D – On a Saturday afternoon the traffic trying to take a left onto Walnut street was backup up to Hidden Valley with no apparent accident

E – Once every 2-3 weeks, between 4-5, on a random day of the week the traffic backs up to Hidden Valley, with no apparent reason

F- People still are still concerned about the traffic making a left into market street at the lights.

G – Also people coming down the ramp don’t seem to realize that they should not be traveling at 30+mph and that people are allowed to turn left coming out of Market Street

H- people don’t see the red light under the underpass, even with the warning sign. See next image.

I was in the western part of the state yesterday and noticed that on Burnett Road at the entrance to I-291 in Springfield, they had a red light that seemed to be surrounded with a ring that when it was red flashed with a strobe effect and was very noticeable. Not sure if something like this would be useful but I thought it would be useful to investigate. I have attached the image as a frame of reference for MA highway or our DPW. I have circled the location of the light.

Tom, I will let Joe add his perspective and comments. He is around town more during the day and will have a different perspective and observations.

Thank you,

Wally McKenzie

Market_Street 91-291

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