New Blog in Town – LIFT

Dear Lynnfield Residents,

On behalf of Lynnfield Residents, a new blog named “LIFT” – Lynnfield Initiative For Transparency has been created. The goal of this organization is to LIFT “the fog” on town matters that may not be clearly presented to Lynnfield Residents. All townspeople will have easy access to information regarding town matters that affect you and your family.

Traditionally, Lynnfield town matters are presented from one viewpoint and can be confusing with minimal details. LIFT is designed to stimulate your awareness and provide timely information, in an easy to understand format that will assist you and help you to be an informed citizen of Lynnfield. Now you can be up to date on your hometown, by looking at your cell phone or computer. The site can be easily found at and will be updated weekly.

This site is not intended to post political views, rather it will focus on factual data that could benefit our townspeople. We are looking forward to stimulating your interest in all matters pertaining to our town, encouraging spirited and opposing viewpoints, thus enabling informed decisions. We believe knowledge is power and an important cornerstone in preserving our great town of Lynnfield!


Dave Miller and Katy Shea

Committee Members, LIFT – Lynnfield Initiative For Transparency

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