Just two weeks after town meeting, our selectmen voted to overrule town vote. This is the first time in Lynnfield’s history that our selectmen have over ruled the will of the people. Our selectmen voted 2 to 3 (Crawford – Yes, Nelson – Yes, Terranova – No), to take an inactive paper road and name it Market Street. This enables the MASS DOT (Massachusetts Department of Transportation) to put up 4 signs on 128, pointing all traffic to exit 43 and naming the exit Market Street.

Several Lynnfield residents attended last night’s meeting asking for the vote to be brought back to October Town meeting, but the 2 of our 3 selectmen did not agree.   Residents attending the meeting, asked for a delay to leverage the use of exit 42 in Wakefield. Residents stated truck traffic is loud for homeowners and opening up exit 42 would help to deter the neighborhood noise. Selectmen Crawford stated this is a safety issue and we need to vote on this tonight. He also stated, “National Development is a big taxpayer” and needs to be supported. Selectmen Nelson supported these fundamentals, while Selectmen Terranova believed town meeting should be respected and the decision should be held for the October town meeting. Selectmen Terranova did not support the Selectmen over ruling the majority vote of the residents of Lynnfield.

People living in the area failed to verify the urgent “safety issue” and asked what was really going on here? There was safety concerns voiced about children/ pedestrians crossing Walnut Street to enter Market Street and pointing all future traffic to Exit 43.

In summary, last night’s vote by our selectmen was bold.   We need to ask ourselves, “Is Town Meeting respected by our Selectmen? Do higher tax payers get special treatment in Lynnfield? Is our political process broken? Can big business (W/S Development and National Development) without voting rights, sway our politicians to turn their back on those that voted them into office? Do our selectmen respect the political process, or is there something else going on?” No one knows for sure, but last night’s Selectmen’s Meeting was an eye opener……

At this time, a special “Thank You” goes out to Selectmen Terranova for supporting the residents of Lynnfield, while respecting Town Meeting and our established political process.

Kate Shea


  1. Muriel Cecere Says:

    Is this the new game in Town? If the Selectmen do not like the
    results of Town Meeting vote on any subject they will overide it?
    Why have Town Meeting at all? Mr. Teranova should be commended for taking a stance in favor of the voting public.

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