An Open Letter to the Selectmen from Anne Mitchell

Subject: Naming an Unmarked Street Vote

Mr. Crawford and Mr. Nelson,

I am writing to express my utter disappointment with your vote to approve this issue without considering even a short delay of two (2) weeks to: (i) gather more information based on the comments provided by residents this evening, (ii) determine if any leverage could be used to get DOT to also put up signs to point traffic to Exit 42 (WHICH WOULD REDUCE TRAFFIC FOR LYNNFIELD AND ALSO IS A SAFETY ISSUE), and (iii) most importantly, obtain input from your constituents (after they voted against this issue at town meeting).  Unfortunately, I could not attend the Selectmen’s meeting this evening, but I (and I expect many other residents), watched with serious concern as to how you conducted this meeting.

It was apparent to all watching the complete disregard you had for the very thoughtful points made by several residents who attended the meeting this evening and that you had made up your mind to vote to approve this issue regardless of: (1) the vote at Town meeting; and (2) the input provided to you by the residents who attended this evening.

You were elected to represent the residents of Lynnfield, and by your actions and vote this evening (and just days after Town Meeting and without fully vetting this issue), you failed to do that.


Anne Mitchell

2 Fernway

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