Additional Comments on the Selectmen overturning Town Meeting

May 30, 2014


To the editor:


I was very disappointed reading the front page article in the May 21 Lynnfield Villager “Section of public way renamed Market Street”. This happening even after the vocal oppositions, negative responses and winning ‘no’ votes from residents. To quote resident Susan Dunn “I spent five hours at Town Meeting and… when I heard that this might be overturned by a Board of Selectman, at minimum it felt disingenuous at a maximum, it felt bold”.


The action taken by Town Administrator William Gustus, Selectman Dave Nelson and Selectman Phil Crawford confirms what many residents in Lynnfield believe, that there is no use in expressing any opinions or concerns because they (town government) just do what they want. As Selectman Nelson said, “Market Street is here to stay”.  Mr. Nelson, that does not mean the town government or residents have to succumb to every request. Remember the old expression, give them an inch…. What’s next the sixteen theater multiplex or perhaps an amusement park? I think some in the town government forgets that they are there to serve in the best interest of the voters and residents of Lynnfield.


I appreciate Selectman Tom Terranova for standing up for the residents of Lynnfield with his statement “The problem I have is the town had a vote and they voted ‘no’ for whatever reason”. Thank you Selectman Terranova.



Joe Yurkus

Walnut Street

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