Questions to Chairman Nelson and Selectman Crawford

Good Morning,
After working 10 hours on Monday April 28th I raced over to Lynnfield Middle School to do , what I thought was, my civic duty and right as a citizen of this town. After 11:00pm I arrived home after leaving my house at 7 that morning but I wasn’t complaining because it was my right to vote so it was worth it.( so I thought). That will be the last Town Meeting I waste my time on. I have lived in this town for 22 years and have never been this disappointed in town government. Mr Bourgue stated at Town Meeting that this format was still the most fair way to vote and at the time I agreed. If you want to be heard you go to Town Meeting and speak and vote on the Articles. Please someone explain to me how after the vote of the town was taken, 2 members of the Town of Selectman can change the will of the people?? If my vote didn’t really count that night how do I have faith that any future vote at Town Meeting will be worth anything?
Thank you Mr Terranova for voting with the people of this town and please forward my email to Mr Crawford  as his email is not listed on website.
Looking forward to a response from Mr Crawford and Mr Nelson. I would like a simple answer why do you think you have the right to vote against the people of this town??
Thank You,
Carol Boehner
42 Huckleberry Rd West
Lynnfield, MA 01940

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