Selectmen Overule Town Meeting Voters

In a display of unprecedented arrogance ,at the last Selectmen’s meeting, Selectmen David Nelson and Phil Crawford for the first time in Lynnfield history chose to impose their personal views and sidestep the will of the people of Lynnfield as voted at the Spring Town Meeting. For three hundred years town leaders have accepted and acceded to the views of the people as voted at Town Meeting.

Nelson and Crawford chose to not act as their predecessors but act as rulers rather than leaders. It disgraces the office of Selectman. It negates the phase often heard in town “The people will decide at Town Meeting”.

In a packed Selectman’s room Nelson and Crawford reacted negatively as speaker after speaker asked that they respect the vote of the people. As an alternative some (including myself,David Basile and others) asked that the BOS use this opportunity to alleviate some of the traffic pressure at exit 43 and help their constituents by asking the DOT for a fifth sign directing some traffic to the Wakefield (exit 42) entrance.

Lacking the vision,understanding and compassion to do so Nelson and Crawford refused to even acknowledge the worthiness of such an idea.

All Nelson could do was keep repeating that National Development needed these signs.

Town Administrator Bill Gustus never answered the question posed by Rod Boone why is it “crucial” as Gustus was reported as saying in the papers. Is this is where we have to come to in this town because of this project? People who should be town leaders listen to and coddle the needs of a powerful developer over listening to and helping the needs of their fellow town’s people

Nelson has repeatedly stated that he liked and went to Market Street on a regular basis. Great for him that he can drive across town and enjoy his few hours and return to his quiet home. But for many Market Street is there twenty four hours a day with the trucks with their jake brakes and congestion and noise that it brings day and night.

If Mr Nelson can not or will not seek to alleviate some of these difficulties for the townspeople most impacted by Market Street he should step down as Selectman because he is being derelict in this crucial duty.

One Response to “Selectmen Overule Town Meeting Voters”

  1. Muriel Cecere Says:

    I agree with all of the comments regarding the lack of support
    but it begs the question, what do we do now? Is there any legal
    action the voters can take to reverse this travisty?

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