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Search for new Town Administrator begins

July 28, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Regular Meeting – 3:00 p.m. Selectmen’s hearing room, Town Hall

As a result of changes in the Open Meeting Law, the chair must announce at the outset of every meeting that the meeting is being recorded and transmitted via cable television.

3:00 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance

Interviews of firms to assist with town administrator search

MMA Consulting Group

Municipal Resources, Inc.

The Edward J.~Collins, Jr.~Center~for Public Management~

Use of Town facilities: None

One-day liquor license: None

Minutes: None

Proclamations: None

Administrative matters: None

Save the Date October 20th

July 21, 2014

Will they or won’t they?

Time is drawing near for the October Town Meeting (Oct 20th) and the question of the day is:

“Will National Development go back on their word and try a fourth time to overrun their duly signed agreement and jam through a movie theater?”

We haven’t seen a warrant article yet but National has not built anything on the projected site. They’re nothing if not persistent. They want what they want.

National’s friends in town government, who despite agreeing to no theater, have begun quietly talking about it again.

There are 91 days (14 weeks) before Town Meeting.  Will National wait until the last minute and pull a rabbit out of a hat and try to catch everyone off-guard?

Please keep your eyes and ears open because if they come this time it will probably be from a new angle. If you hear anything around town let us know.

Please keep Monday October 20th open to attend Town Meeting.


Wally McKenzie

Jake Brake bylaw 2009

July 17, 2014

Town by-law outlawing Jake brakes – passed in March 2009

ARTICLE 5. To see if the Town will vote to amend the General Bylaws by adding
thereto, as Chapter 4, § J thereof, the following, to be entitled

“Excessive Noise From  Compression Brakes Prohibited”:
“Except in the case of an emergency, it is unlawful for the driver of any vehicle
to use or operate, or cause to be used or operated, within the Town limits of the
Town of Lynnfield, any compression brake, engine brake, dynamic brake or
mechanical exhaust device designed to assist in the deceleration or braking of
any motor vehicle, if such device or devices result in excessive, loud or otherwise
unusual noise. Violation shall be punishable by a fine of $200.”
or to take any other action in relation thereto.

Thank you,
Wally McKenzie

National Development Exit 42 Agreement

July 17, 2014

This is the agreement between National Development andWakefield

Thank you,
Wally McKenzie

Market Street Decision.pdf

Jake Brakes

July 17, 2014

This sign is at Edwards ave and main. Why can’t this be at Exit 43.

Thank you,
Wally McKenzie

PowerPoint from July 15,2014 Selectmen meeting on Traffic

July 16, 2014

Thanks to the 91 people who were able to attend the Selectmen’s meeting. Very good meeting. Some decisions were reached and more research is needed on some items. More to come

Thank you,
Wallace McKenzie
781.462.1517 – office
wam – email


Article from the Lynn item in traffic hearing

July 13, 2014

Traffic Presentation from July 10th 2014

July 11, 2014

Powerpoint presented at the traffic hearing.

Thank you,


First meeting summary

July 10, 2014

Hi Wally,

We need a town bylaw addendum to add :
signs on the affected side streets and then need the Staffing to Enforce the fines.

100% of The fees can be retained by the town.

Of course getting the misplaced traffic Directly to Market Street in the first place would alleviate some of the offenders before they have the chance to be offenders!!

Best, Wayne

Best, Wayne

First meeting summary

July 10, 2014

First a thank you to Selectmen Tom Terranova for organizing the meeting and Police Chief Breen, Fire Chief Tetrault, Town Engineer Charlie Richter for attending and spending over 2.5 listening to residents from through out the town about the traffic conditions on Walnut and Salem St.

This served as a good gathering point of issues for the next meeting

Tuesday July 15th at 7:00 PM

Lynnfield High School Auditorium

275 Essex Street, Lynnfield MA

Will be posting the slide presentation over the weekend at

If you have any feedback, questions or comments please send them to info

Thank you,