Joe DeMaina’s thoughts on cancelled traffic meeting and traffic issues

It is incredibly unfortunate that Dave Nelson canceled the traffic meeting that he had arranged. Even more so that he so poorly informed the public that some people showed up to locked doors.

We can only hope that some good comes from it and maybe it will. Tom Terranova has been out front on this issue for a long time and others are stepping forward maybe now something will be done.

Phil Crawford has asked myself, Wally McKenzie, David Basile and Bob Casoli to meet with Chief Breen this coming Wednesday. I hope a way can be found to give those badly impacted citizens relief from the traffic issues that now plague their neighborhood.

I think the issue is a simple one. We don’t have enough police with the extra traffic we are experiencing all over town. It’s simple math. Before the Market Street(MS) development there were 7,000 households in town  and two police cruisers on duty. Now with 7,000 households, a shopping mall and an almost doubling of traffic we still have just two cruisers. You can’t expect the Chief and his officers to be everywhere all day. And as Wally McKenzie frequently notes the project is only 57.5 percent built out. There is more traffic coming.

When the MS project was originally proposed it was noted that to deal with crime like credit card fraud and shoplifting at the project the town would need a detective and one was provided out of the funds realized from MS. At that time it was thought that MS would produce one million dollars a year for the town. But the town and developer underestimated both the revenue, the town will receive almost double that original amount, and the traffic the project would engender. So the town does have the resources ,from MS, to mitigate the awful impact the traffic is having on people’s lives and property values. A realtor recently told a homeowner that because of the traffic his home would be valued $100,000 less than other wise. That’s bad for him and bad for other homeowners across town and the town itself..

In a recent phone conversation with Mr Crawford he agreed that the town does need a traffic officer and that the town does have the resources to provide one. And in a conversation with Chief Breen he indicated he would gladly accept the added needed personnel .A traffic officer would be useful all over town where there is increased traffic and speeding from drivers cutting through town and those headed for Market Street.

In short it’s time to get this done for multiple reasons. There rightly has been a lot of heat generated by this issue and it’s time for the Board of Selectmen and the town to get this accomplished so that the town can move on to other pressing issues

One Response to “Joe DeMaina’s thoughts on cancelled traffic meeting and traffic issues”

  1. Tom Terranova Says:

    As a private citizen, I am writing in response to the ongoing traffic issues affecting Market Street Neighborhoods, as well as increased truck traffic on Walnut and Salem Streets. The opinions that I am expressing are in no way the opinion of the Lynnfield Board of Selectmen and should be treated as my personal opinion.

    I have spoken with many residents of neighborhoods most heavily impacted by increased traffic, due to the opening of Market Street and all traffic being directed to Exit 43. (Please keep in mind, when Lynnfield Residents voted for Meadow Walk (now Market Street) all traffic was to be directed to both Exits 43 and 42. This would have ensured traffic load balancing that no longer exists due to a deal between National Development and Wakefield, and now 100% of all traffic is routed to Lynnfield’s Exit 43.) Presently less than 60% of Market Street is open and traffic will only get worse, if something is not done immediately.

    At a minimum, an additional traffic officer is required to address the ongoing traffic issues. After reviewing our current budget, it appears we are $175,000 under budget on a line item. As a first step, it would benefit many if we could re-appropriate these monies to our police department and hire an additional police patrol, to ensure our safety and ease the mounting traffic situation.

    Market Street has done good things for our town by increasing town funds through its Real Estate, Property and Meals Tax. It is my opinion, these traffic issues will continue to increase and affect more residential neighborhoods if not addressed immediately.

    Tom Terranova

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