​Summary from Tom Terranove about the Planning Board meeting

I want to thank the all members of the Planning Board for last night’s meeting. Especially John Faria (co-chairman) for asking the Developer critical questions. The sole matter on the agenda was to discuss and make recommendations relative to Green Street (Lynnfield) and Corporate Place (Peabody) roadway access.
I had three comments regarding the situation:

1) The Video Billboard on the Site is a nuisance to the neighbors in the area whereby they cannot open there windows on a cool evening to enjoy the fresh air without the billboard flashing in their window.

2) The development of this Site is good news for the City of Peabody’s Real Estate Tax Income whilst our Lynnfield Neighbors receive the traffic and accompanying issues.

3) The entrance/exit to Holiday Inn should be expanded to allow all of the traffic to enter/exit the Site from that point, The Developer stated that entrance/exit was dangerous for which I responded by saying I was not aware of any accidents that had occurred at that location.

The City of Peabody is in the process of allowing the developer to convert Corporate Place (Peabody) to private property that would allow the creation of more than 150 new parking spots and the development of a new approximate 30,000 square foot building on the Peabody property. This is great for Peabody’s tax revenue, however Green Street in Lynnfield would have to service the traffic to and from the Peabody Office Buildings.

Tom Terranova

Thank you,

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