Traffic Study comments from Joe Yurkus

Hello All,

I am pleased the BETA traffic study confirmed what we all knew to be true about the traffic on and around Walnut Street. It is just a shame Lynnfield spent that money to get suggestions (highlighted) residents have been suggesting all along. The upside to the cost of the study is the documented suggestions on paper and we can hopefully look forward to improvements being made. I would like to see the updated vehicle accident data for that area. We suggested and have been told there would be more police enforcement at the intersection of Walnut and and MassDot was going to help to secure a spot (curb cut) for the police to satellite that area but to date that has not happened. I was pleased to see that police enforcement is recommended at that intersection, it will not only to keep the intersection clear but detour trucks from using Walnut. As we all know by living here and the results of the study 1% or 8 trucks an hour travel Walnut Street south. No mention of how many travel north? The trucks roll through at all hours of the day and night. Enforcement has been seen on Walnut Street but it is still not enough to prevent or even reduce the number of trucks using Walnut. What ever happened to the traffic officer we were told was joining the force?

U Turnsalong Walnut Street

Install a raised median island. This would also prevent UTurns, and would not disrupt access/egress for residents. The estimatedconstruction cost would approximately $10,000, including signage and striping.The raised median island is recommended by BETA because it would be aneffective treatment that would provide a permanent solution.

WalnutStreet at Salem Street Intersection Blocking

Installation of “Do Not Block Intersection” signage on allapproaches is recommended. Police enforcement, however, is needed to ensurethat drivers adhere to the signage. Additional strategies to modify trafficsignal timing/phasing only exacerbated the condition

Walnut Street at Salem Street Southbound Merge

The intersection of Walnut Street and Salem Street providestwo southbound through lanes at the intersection which merge into one justthrough the intersection.

An existing “Right Lane Ends” sign is posted at the mergepoint, although no advanced signage exists north on Walnut Street. It isrecommended that the existing sign be moved further north on Walnut Street anda new diagrammatic W4-2 sign be installed where the existing sign is located.The existing pavement markings are striped typical to a lane drop location and nofurther striping is recommended at the intersection. In addition, the “RightLane Ends” language is deceiving because it is actually the left lane thatends. The correct language should be inserted.

Walnut Street Truck Exclusion South of Salem Street

There is existing truck exclusion along Walnut Street southof Salem Street. Turning movement counts showed approximately 1% of traffic or8 trucks per hour traveling southbound on Walnut Street where they areprohibited. (what about the number of illegal trucks traveling Northbound on Walnut?)These trucks originate mainly from the north on Walnut Street andtaking a left westbound from Salem Street, which are consistent with theMassDOT counts taken.< Does this mean MassDot was aware of the truck problem???

Existingsignage for the truck exclusion include several signs:

·Anadvanced sign just south of the Market Street intersection heading southboundon Walnut Street that reads “No Trucks Walnut Street South of Salem Street”

·A diagrammatic no truck sign with the wording “2 ½ Ton or Over” on WalnutStreet

at theintersection with Salem Street facing the southbound traffic on Walnut Street.

·A sign on the east bound Salem Street approach to Walnut Street, approximately

1,200 feetfrom the intersection.

·A sign on the westbound Salem Street approach to Walnut Street, approximately

800 feetfrom the intersection.

·A sign on the northbound off -ramp from I-95 NB to Walnut Street

Recommended improvements include:

·Replace theexisting sign just south of the Market Street intersection with a diagrammaticR5-2 sign with a supplemental “South of Salem Street” plaque.

· Add adiagrammatic R5-2 sign with a supplemental “South of Salem Street” plaque

sign on the southbound off -ramp from I-95 southbound.

· Adddiagrammatic R5-2 signs with a supplemental “South of Salem Street” plaque onboth the eastbound and westbound approaches of Salem Street at the intersectionof Walnut Street.

· It would alsobe beneficial to notify truck operators before they commit to a ramp that atruck exclusion exists. This, however, would require coordination with MassDOTto receive permission, to determine the locations, and to review the signdesign.

Joe Yurkus

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