June 24th Walnut Street/Salem Street Traffic meeting summary

With 51 residents in attendance from throughout the town, there was a three discussion of the traffic issues in the area.

For the very first time all three Selectmen publicly acknowledge the need for a full time traffic officer and unanimously agreed to bring the necessary warrant to the October Town Meeting. This is hard won progress. Traffic studies indicate that traffic will only get worse as Market Street gets completed and there is little if anything that we can do. The traffic volume will be what it is and tweaks to the lights and intersections will only have minimal impact.

But we can insist upon adequate and more than adequate traffic safety by a full time traffic officer. The Chief wants it and we need it.

Now we must do three things.

  1. make sure that this warrant doesn’t get sidetracked and gets passed in October
  2. insist that new officer spend enough time on the really dangerous areas (trucks for instance).
  3. insist that the Market Street footprint never gets any bigger with the further negative traffic impacts that would bring. We have made progress but it’s not over yet

Chief Breen made the following points:

  1. # of citations has risen from 565to 1,031 in the past two years
  2. Traffic will continue to have deleterious effects Currently we split fines with state, if we had town bylaws we could keep revenues. this would be useful for trucks on Walnut Street and blocking of intersection of Walnut and Salem
  3. Town should look at "traffic basket" at Walnut / Salem intersection. Similar to NYC

Traffic levels at peak times on Walnut Street /Salem streets at C, E and F, not the C level promised by original VHB study.

MADOT to study Protected left turn out of market street. this may result in drop in service level, but there is a safety concern

Gianna drive needs an engineering study to see if there are ways to increase safety

Lynnfield DPW to have lines painted for left hand turn into market street

Lynnfield and Wakefield resident spoke of traffic on Salem street. Need for enforcement and exit42 currently taking overflow of trucks

Main St resident spoke of additional Tractor trailer traffic now through town.

Thank you,

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