Update on the June 24th meeting update

I would like to clarify my post on the The Traffic Meeting of Wednesday June 24th some of the text was from a letter Joe DeMaina sent to a concerned citzen who felt we had wasted our time at that meeting. The following is the text of that letter by Joe.

I understand and appreciate your frustration. But I must respectfully disagree that we wasted our time. For the very first time all three Selectmen publicly acknowledge the need for a full time traffic officer and further agreed to bring the necessary warrant to the October Town Meeting. This is hard won progress. It is progress that validates all the frustrating meetings that we had to sit through. Should it have been this hard ? Absolutely not but that’s the way it was for many reasons. We all know and traffic studies indicate that traffic will only get worse as Market Street gets completed and there is little if anything that we can do. The traffic volume will be what it is and tweaks to the lights and intersections will only have minimal impact. But we can insist upon adequate and more than adequate traffic safety by a full time traffic officer. The Chief wants it and we need it. Now we must do three things. One, make sure that this warrant doesn’t get sidetracked and gets passed in October. Two, insist that new officer spend enough time on the really dangerous areas (trucks for instance). And Three, insist that the Market Street footprint never gets any bigger with the further negative traffic impacts that would bring. We have made progress but it’s not over yet.

Thank you,
Wallace McKenzie
781.462.1517 – office
wam – email

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