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Comments on MarketStreet Lynnfield Traffic Study

March 31, 2017

​We’ve been reading National Development’s traffic report. It’s great they have such a sense of humor. “Imperceptible increases in traffic” really– do they have eyes ?. Any additions to traffic will only worsen what Chief Breen has already said.

Here is the truth about Market Street traffic.

Lynnfield Police Chief David Breen on 8/19/13 at the Selectman’s Meeting discussing security plans for Market Street.

This from the person entrusted with public safety 365 days a year. Not a report on a couple of selected days.

And this was before National Development proposed two large, heavy traffic producing buildings
Despite the ND spin your eyes tell you traffic is at times overwhelming.

National Development and their vendor VHB will bury you in traffic reports that are words with no reality. A report paid for by ND gets the results they want–shocking.
Are you familiar with the expression –Lies,damn lies and statistics ?​

National Development Traffic Study

March 30, 2017

Click on the following link to download a copy of the National Development Traffic Study.  A few initial questions:

  1. Why were they doing the traffic counts in early 2016.  Were they starting to think of the cinema even then?
  2. Has MA DOT reviewed the study?
  3. Why when the originaal VHB study said that the intersection would go from an “F” (lowest) to a “C” and it hasn’t should we have any confidence this time?

Click on this link to download the study.  TIAS_FINAL_032817

Update on Lynnfield Selectmen meeting

March 28, 2017

The Tuesday April 4th Selectmen meeting will be at 7:00 PM at the Merritt Center, 600 Market Street. Hope you can attend.

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Important dates concerning the proposed Lynnfield multiplex cinema

March 27, 2017

Important dates so far:

1. Monday April 24th, 7:30 PM at the Middle School- This is the annual Town meeting where you will be voting on allowing the multiplex cinema. The meeting usually last till 10:30, so please plan accordingly.

2. Monday April 4th, Selectmen meeting. Time and location not yet announced. Will send a note when it is known.

3. Planning Board meeting – not yet scheduled.

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Cinema, Parking Garage and two story building

March 21, 2017

At last nights Selectmen’s meeting Ted Tye and others from National Development were there to present a brief statement about the article they submitted late yesterday afternoon.

The article calls for an 800 seat Cinema. Yes, for the 3rd time they are asking to break the agreement they signed when the area was rezoned. They also said they would be building a two story garage. As part of his brief statement Ted Tye said there would not be an impact on traffic.

The cinema and garage are in addition to the two story building he is asking for before the Planning Board.

More information later today on our website

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Planning Board update Lynnfield Board of Selectmen Agenda 03/20/2017

March 19, 2017


Planning Board voted 3-1 that the two story building that will be on the easterly side of the development vs the westerly side, which was the area agreed to, is a "MINOR CHANGE".

There will be a public hearing in the future. Will update everyone.

Tomorrow the Selectmen will be discussing Market Street, but nothing is online material about the topic.​

Monday, March 20, 2017

Regular Meeting –7:30 p.m. Al Merritt Center, 600 Market Street

This meeting is being recorded and transmitted via cable television.

7:00 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance

Review of warrant articles

Discussion of Market Street, Planning Board zoning articles

Closing of annual town meeting warrant

Public comment

Use of Town facilities: Festival of Colors, Jordan Park; Rotary Summer Concert Series
Minutes: None
One-day liquor licenses: None
Proclamations: None
Administrative matters: Signing of warrants

Lynnfield Planning Board Meeting this Thursday

March 14, 2017

Next Planning Board meeting this Thursday






7:00 PM

· Board of Appeals Case

# 17-04 Tammi and Calogero Lograsso, 9 Tapley Road, Attorney Timothy Doyle – Requests special permit/finding and set back and yard variances to construct a two story garage and master bedroom addition within the Buffer Zone

· MarketStreet at Lynnfield Minor Modifications, National Development, Theodore


· Zoning Bylaws Recodification, Warrant Article

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Lynnfield for Love Event #lynnfield

March 11, 2017

Nice event​ to day at the Town Meeting Building. Lots events for familes and children​