Lynnfield Market Street committee formed and first meeting agenda

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Two parts to this note:

A. Lists the members of the Committee

B. Agenda for the first meeting.

I look forward to serving. Please send along any issues you would like to see discussed.

Thank you,

Wally McKenzie

A. Committee Members

To: Town Clerk Trudy Reid

From: Bob Curtin, Assistant to Administration

Date: May 23, 2017

Re: Appointments

Please be advised that at its meeting of May 22, 2017, the Board voted to appoint the following members to the newly created Market Street Advisory Committee. Terms for all appointees will terminate on June 30, 2018, except for the member who serves ex officio. One additional member, representing LIFE, Inc., will be appointed at a future Board meeting.Members:

Paula Parziale At-Large
John Gioioso At-Large
Taidgh McClory Precinct 1
Wallace McKenzie Precinct 2
Jocelyn Fleming Precinct 2
Jennifer Bayer Precinct 2
Anne Mitchell Precinct 2
Philip Doucette Precinct 3
Anthony Ferullo Precinct 4
Brian Charville Planning Board
Eugene Covino Finance Committee
David Breen Police Chief, ex officio

B. Agenda for the First Meeting.

Market Street Advisory Committee


Al Merritt Center – 600 Market Street

June 1, 2017

7:00 PM

  1. Oath of Office (Town Clerk)
  2. Temporary Chairperson, Ms. Bayer, calls meeting to order
  3. Introductions of members
  4. Temporary Chairperson calls for nominations
    1. Chairperson
    2. Vice Chairperson
    3. Clerk
  5. Committee votes
  6. Dalton
    1. Reviews Open Meeting Law
    2. Discusses Board of Selectman’s expectations of the Committee
    3. Brief overview regarding areas of concern
      1. Enforcement of the Design Standards
        1. The Berm
      2. Noise Regulations
        1. Landscapers
        2. Snow Removal
  • Garage Façade
  1. Portable Toilets at King Rail Golf Course
  2. Traffic
    1. Ring Road Speed Limit
    2. “Smart†Traffic Lights at Market St and Walnut St as well as at Salem and Walnut Street
    3. Wakefield Exit
    4. Traffic Study
  3. Theatre
    1. Letter from MSAC Chairperson to National Development and WS Development
  4. Other Business
  5. Public Comment Period
  6. Adjourn
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