Lynnfield Market Street Advisory Committee Meeting

​Agenda for the first meeting this Thursday

Market Street Advisory Committee


Al Merritt Center – 600 Market Street

June 1, 2017

7:00 PM

1. Oath of Office (Town Clerk)

2. Temporary Chairperson, Ms. Bayer, calls meeting to order

3. Introductions of members

4. Temporary Chairperson calls for nominations

a. Chairperson

b. Vice Chairperson

c. Clerk

5. Committee votes

6. Elected Chairperson comments

7. Mr. Dalton

a. Reviews Open Meeting Law

b. Discusses Board of Selectman’s expectations of the Committee

c. Brief overview regarding areas of concern

i. Enforcement of the Design Standards

1. The Berm

ii. Lahey

1. Mr. Charville provides brief overview of May 21 Planning Board Meeting

iii. Noise Regulations

1. Landscapers

2. Snow Removal

iv. Garage Façade

v. Traffic

1. Ring Road Speed Limit

2. “Smart” Traffic Lights at Market St and Walnut St as well as at Salem and Walnut Street

3. Wakefield Exit

4. Traffic Study

vi. Theatre

8. Letter from MSAC Chairperson to National Development and WS Development

9. Other Business and Action Items

10. Public Comment Period

11. Adjourn

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