Lynnfield Market Street Advisory Committee Meeting – June 15

National Development will be attending.



Town Clerk Date Stamp

Board/Committee Name: Market Street Advisory Committee

Day/Date: Thursday, June 15, 2017

Time of Meeting: 7:00 pm

Location: Al Merritt Room – 600 Market Street , Lynnfield


1. Chairperson, Ms. Bayer, calls meeting to order

2. Housekeeping

a. New sound system in Al Merritt Room

b. Volunteer to take minutes

3. Vote on minutes from 6/1/17 meeting

4. Chairperson welcomes National Development and WS Development. Goal to establish a basis for ongoing dialogue.

a. MSAC overview and member introduction

b. National Development and WS Development overview and introductions

i. Ted Tye, Managing Partner, National Development

ii. Doug Straus, Senior Vice President, National Development

iii. Nanci Horn, GM of Market Street Lynnfield, WS Development

c. Confirmation of best practices in maintaining ongoing dialogue

5. Outstanding Opportunities and Coordinators

a. Design Standards

i. General

ii. Berm – Trees, buffer to Walnut St. homes, headlights

iii. Building 1350

iv. Garage next to CPK

b. Noise

i. Snow Removal

ii. Landscapers

iii. Deliveries

iv. Decibel level

c. Traffic

i. Ring Road Speeding

ii. Wakefield Exit

iii. Smart Lights

iv. Reconfigure Access & Egress

v. Consultant retained by Town

d. Theatre

e. Financial Impact

i. Commercial Real Estate taxes from Market Street to Lynnfield

ii. Lynnfield property taxes

iii. Other

f. Communications with Board of Selectman

g. Communications with National Development and WS Development

6. Other Business

a. Any other business that was not on this meeting’s agenda

b. Goals for next meeting

c. Confirm follow up items and owners

7. Public Comment Period

8. Adjourn

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