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From Lynnfield DPW – All streets to be treated prior to storm

December 24, 2017

All streets to be treated prior to storm

Due to the length and the nature of this week’s snow and ice events, the Town is working to address icy conditions. Some side streets were not scraped completely because removal of slush would also remove the salt that prevents black ice conditions. Town sanders will be out salting all streets prior to the upcoming storm. Please use caution driving in Lynnfield and around the region, as black ice and refreezing streets present hazards. Please refrain from parking on the street and ensure roads are unobstructed so that plows and sanders are unimpeded during snow events. Thank you for your cooperation.

Melrose Mayor Robert Dolan selected as Lynnfield’s new Town Admistrator

December 20, 2017

​On a 3-0 vote the Board of Selectmen decided on current Melrose Mayor Robert Dolan as Lynnfield’s new Town Administrator.​

Rail to Trail – positive news on funding

December 18, 2017

​Recent article about funding for the Rail Trail project