Lynnfield Market Street Cinema update

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Committee to Preserve Lynnfield Comments on

Market Street Advisory Committee (MSAC) Report

The Committee To Preserve Lynnfield (CTPL01940.ORG) commented on this evening’s meeting between the Lynnfield Board of Selectmen and the Market Street Advisory Committee (MSAC). “We commend the hard work of the MSAC over the past year and hope that town officials and residents review the report and its findings as well as its recommended actions,” said Joe DeMaina, spokesperson for the group.

“It is interesting to note that after twelve months of meetings and after multiple presentations by an assortment of National Development employees and consultants that the committee would not recommend a movie theater for the market Street project.”

DeMaina urged residents to visit the MSAC site at:

or visit the Committee to Preserve Lynnfield site at: for additional background

13 Alexandra Road, Lynnfield
United States

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