National Developments Latest Ad

National Development’s latest ad is another doozy!

Phil Crawford crows that MarketSreet has paid over $22 million in taxes. Yeah Phil, they have and they are wildly successful. That’s good and bad. They are a victim of their own success. Being 4 times as successful as first anticipated has brought 4 times the traffic overwhelming the road system around MarketStreet. Those of us who live here see it every day. Spend a day down here and see for yourself. We don’t bite. I’ll buy you a roast beef sandwich. You’ll see the road system is full.

The Cineplex will help sustain the vibrancy of MarketStreet. You guys really need to read the paper. Have you heard of the internet? Entertainment research shows a steady decline in movie attendance. 2017 was the worst year in 25 years. The average adult sees just 5 movies a year and 2/3 of adults say their movie attendance is declining. You guys want to keep MS vibrant, but you’re backing the wrong horse.

And don’t brag that the new garage will add 300 parking spots, because it will eliminate 140 spots. The net gain is only 160 for an 800-seat megaplex.

Significant traffic flow improvements are speculative, at best, because you won’t make them first so we can see if they work. If you are so sure they work, prove it first before you generate significantly more traffic. PS: Your own traffic guy says the adaptive lights won’t work in heavy traffic. Hello Newton Company! We have heavy traffic!

You will give the town $300,000 development contributions if we do what you want. Sorry, I’m not for sale. And if I were, it wouldn’t be for a measly $300K.

Generate over $350,000 in annual tax revenue. Apparently you don’t listen to your own financial guy. Because when asked at his MSAC presentation, he admitted that if an office building was built instead of a cinema, that financially, it essentially was a wash.

Provide over $200,000 in permitting fees. Yep and do you think we would let you build an office building for free? We will get permitting fees for office space too! Think again.

Provide recreational enjoyment for all ages. According to well-documented research by the entertainment industry, the average adult views 5 movies a year and this number is dropping. ND have you heard of the Internet? You know Netflix? Boy are you out of touch.

According to industry research, the target market for movie theaters is the 13 to 26 year old market. Your movie theater will bring them from all the surrounding towns as in “Let’s hang out in Lynnfield.”

This is the problem of having old guys run National Development. They are nostalgic for their youth. As in the words of Tom Wolfe, “You can’t go home again.”

Let’s cut to the chase. A development company from Newton whose managing partner lives in Boston could not care less if we are tied up all day in traffic as long as they are making money. Sadly, there are some residents of Lynnfield who feel the same way, as long as it somebody else’s pain, what do I care. Sad. It was never like this in Lynnfield before. Does anyone care that this town is being split in half? Oh well, I guess it’s just follow the money.

Vote NO on Article 14 – it is a bad idea for Lynnfield because it won’t do what they say it will and it will make a horrible traffic situation exponentially worse.

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