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100 Days till Fall Town Meeting

July 13, 2019

Only 100 days till the Fall Town Meeting. Wonder what will be on the warrant.

Happy July Fourth – Information and a quiz for Today

July 4, 2019

On the Fourth of July we should all take a few moments to read the Declaration of Independence.

To read it, click on the following link:

If you are attending any events today, use the following quiz about this day with family and friends.

  1. Which two presidents, who were also signers of the Declaration, died on the same July 4th?
  2. Which one died first on that day?
  3. How old were they when they died?
  4. What other president died on the July 4th?
  5. What president was born on the Fourth of July?


  1. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. They both died on July 4th 1826, fifty years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  2. Jefferson died around noontime and Adams around five PM
  3. Adams was 90 and Jefferson 83
  4. James Monroe died on July 4th 1831
  5. Calvin Coolidge in 1872